“His style bounces between electro, rock, down-tempo, ragga, house, drum & bass and more. He’s bringing a lighter and gasoline to the rule books that run electronic music”. Do Androids Dance

The allusive 7 foot Italian maverick known as ‘Phonat’ has become one of the most respected and esteemed electronic producers in Europe over the last few years, with his debut album ‘Phonat’ being critically acclaimed as a land mark genre defining electronic album. Phonat is currently signed to OWSLA who released the ‘Identity Theft EP’ and ‘Never’ EPs to critical acclaim. 2015 will see the label release several new records from Phonat , the first will be ‘ Fire’ due out mid September.
Michele Balduzzi began making music in his home village in rural Tuscany in Italy and was quickly spotted by MofoHifi Records recording under the name Phonat. Armed with a five year old laptop and a Fender Strat the young Italian moved to a bedsit in Dalston, London where he spent two years recording his debut album in a small basement in London Bridge.
The result is an album that takes the listener on a genre defying musical journey similar to that which Phonat took in his own life moving from idyllic rural Italy to the chaos and colour of London. The album encompasses French house, D&B, nu disco, mash up, metal, trip hop, ragga, down tempo, funk, fidget, electro and rock. From the hypnotic ‘It’s For You’, the ground breaking ‘Learn to Recycle’ and ending in the dysfunctional masterpiece ‘London’.

Phonat followed the album with the darker and more downtempo Cockroaches EP. Sonny Moore (Skrillex) described Phonat as ”The most Underated producer out there” and proclaimed the Cockroaches EP to be a ‘Masterpiece’. In 2013 the ‘Identity Theft EP’ was released in collaboration with Mofohifi and OWSLA Records (owned by Skrillex). This was followed by the ‘Never’ EP which received high rotation on numerous stations, particularly triple J in Australia.
Phonat has remixed artists as diverse as Dizzee Rascal, Skrillex and Andrew Bayer. His music has been used in numerous computer games and he scored the soundtrack to the Xbox game Grid Autosport. When not in the studio Phonat tours across the globe with regular shows in Europe , Asia and North America. Phonat performs as both a DJ and as a live artist.

Phonat has had a long standing relationship with the graphic artist Rocco Pezzella. The Phonat videos such as ‘Ride The Prejudice’ have been exhibited in various art installations and galleries .

“Phonat is EASILY the most underrated producer out there now. Fuck, he’s amazing. I do not know why he isn’t the biggest thing out there.” Skrillex

“It’s been described as a Acid House Bohemian Rhapsody. It takes in 25 styles during it’s course, I like it” Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1

“This guy f**ks with all the rules” Norman Cook
“London-based DJ and Producer Phonat knows how to make an impression.The shaggy haired, 7 foot tall musician puts together memorable sets that bridge the sounds of ambient dubstep, glitch-hop and futuristic disco”.
MTV Hive

“He manages to retain his individualistic style, while experimenting with a galore of different sounds, all which make the EP feel like a breath of fresh air”. EDM Tunes

“Phonat receives full marks from us for his daring productions, executedbeautifully in this new EP, which we hope will inspire other artists to push their boundaries also”. The Frontliner

“Every year there are a handful of releases that pull the listener in and really grab their attention. Phonat’s latest release, Identity Theft, happens to be that type of record”. Salacious Sound.

“The future leaning Identity Theft effortlessly straddles the line between being organically ambient and technically complex”. Beats Media

“Phonat has smashed this one out of the ball park!” The Bangin’ Beats

“A mesmerising surge of space music with a background sound of guitars and video games .” Okay Future

“Phonat has frequently stunned us with his productions over the last few years, coming across like a hyperactive Daft Punk on happy pills… By the end, you’re exhausted, perplexed, flabbergasted, and left with the feeling that all other music is boring, unimaginative, repetitive trash. Wow. 10/10” Data Transmission

“Phonat is breaking rules, and pushing boundaries…Keep him on your radar as he continues on his journey to redefine electronic music.” trashmenagerie.com

“A chap called Phonat just blew our little minds with this genre spanning six minute odyssey he sent over…This track simply tears up the rulebook, and if everyone was suddenly sent off to production school, Phonat should be teaching lesson one with this track.” NoisePorn

“My mind was not even ready to grasp the possibility that anyone was capable of manipulating a track to this extent in just six minutes. Holy sh*t, this should be illegal! It is very inspiring and I really think that many artists could take a page out of his book. There is a male vocal sampled and he says “Giving it up for you” Yes, Phonat! I am definitely giving it up for you!” 365 Mag

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Joseph Stopps