phonat-album-packshotPhonat is a lanky Italian DJ who’s quit the rennaisance splendour of Firenze and decamped to grimy old London Town. The smog must suit his constitution as he’s come up with a belter of an album which cuts out the middle man and sees him both create and remix his own tunes. The end result may be a digital album but it is one which, nevertheless, is oozing with his schizophrenic personality. He’s not here to make you think though – this album is as commercial as they come, recalling the nu-rave chart hits of the early 90’s.

Check out Set Me Free which could set light to any dancefloor; a potential chart topper which could have been released any time between 1991 and 2009. It takes the Hagar era Van Halen model to its ultimate conclusion and combines soft rock vocals and epic synths with an infectious dance groove. There’s no Eddie Van Halen solos but Phonat isn’t averse to dropping in some of his own nifty guitar lines here and there throughout the album– it just takes a while to tune your ear into them as they are so well disguised in the mix. Learn To Recycle is similarly epic and, whilst it may have an environmental point to make it also has potential to generate some dancefloor mayhem.
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Check out the new interview with Phonat on this great Blog

“Phonat is a mythical beast capable of crafting the most majestic and soaring of dance music as well as the most creative and carelessly stylish. His previous works, such as Learn To Recycle, have shown both his musical and technical skill as he effortlessly hops between genres using the same set of sounds and makes it all cohesive and brilliant. Phonat’s new EP is out and the man does not disappoint. It opens with Get Down My Dirty street which slowly but surely builds itself into a funky and moving jam full of horns, stabs, and guitars, all of which Phonat uses to perfection to make you dance…” READ FULL INTERVIEW ON THE BLOG…

Many thanks to Jaymo and Andy George for playing “Set me free” on Radio One, standing in for Annie Mac. Their kind words:

“My favourite song so far of 2009…’s absolutely amazing…….really beautiful, lots of wicked riffs…..goes really mental!”